Nino Memorial XII

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Twelfth Annual Nino Memorial

From L-R (Nino, Toolman, Eagleglass, Smailz)Saturday, June 4, 2011 at Seven Lakes Golf Course, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The Nino Memorial went international for the first time this year - heading across the border with our neighbors to the North, Canada. Culture shock struck the four participants in this year's tourney (Jaeson "Nino" Becker, Tim "Eagleglass" Speigelglass, Jeff "Smailz" Small and Tim "Toolman" Boyer) as they discovered that Windsor, Ontario is inhabited primarily by three grougs: 1) Ugly Canadians; 2) 18 years looking to drink legally; and 3) Eastern European women.

The weekend got off to a great start on Thursday with a stop for 18 holes of golf at TPC Michigan before designated driver Smailz piloted the Chrysler Town and Country across the border. Smailz's driving left something to be desired, as the riders in the T&C routinely felt their lives at risk, but the van was able to navigate through the "Tunnel to Canada" and to the lovely Holiday Inn Windsor, the hotel host for NMXII.

The run up to the tourney consisted of a day and two nights of golfing, eating, drinking "Canadians," cavorting with the locals and the transplants from Eastern Europe, and, for Eagleglass, about thirty minutes hanging out on the street waiting for a new friend he met at a local pizzeria. What NMXII lacked in attendance it more than made up for in the rollicking good time had by all - which included a total of 288 holes of golf (including 90 holes each by Eagleglass and Toolman).

From L-R (Eagleglass, Smailz)Finally Saturday rolled around and it was time for the NM itself. This NM marked a first - the first time that every participant in the event was a former NM Champion. The team of Toolman and Nino also set a record as the team with the most ever prior NM titles at 8. Based on the play of the competitors the oddsmakers had team Toolman/Nino as the underdogs, especially since they were facing the defending champions. Due to this underdog status there was a heavy push throughout the weekend to make the NM a "match play" event - however the competitors teed off on Saturday following the classic "stroke play" rules.

Alas, it would not have mattered what format was used because the team of Eagleglass/Smailz proved unstoppable. From the first tee they played great team golf, consistently picking up each other's bad shots throughout the day. Team Toolman/Nino tried to hang in but could not, and after 18 holes had suffered a defeat of 76-83. After a healthy debate, all four competitors agreed to play an additional 18 holes, marking another NM first - the first 36 hole tournament. But even with the extra holes the deficit proved too much, and the team of Eagleglass/Smailz were able to defend their championship and take the jackets with a total score of 155-170.

So what lessons can we take away from this NM? Perhaps Smailz summarized it best: "1: a Canadian dollar is a coin not paper and it is called a loony cause there is a frigging duck (loon) on the back. Number 2: A 5 dollar bill (it's blue) in Canada has fucking hockey and sledding in it. We have Abe Lincoln; maybe if he was riding a sled ours would be cool too. And 3: never go to canada and order a molson thinking u are a stud for drinking Canadian beer. The waitress will roll her eyes, call u fucking Americans and tell u in the future to order a Canadian." Wise words from the good doctor. We can only hope to learn as much in future years.



1st Place (76+79=155)
Tim Spiegelglass
Jeff Small
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190lbs
Finishing move:
Height: 5'5
Weight: 175lbs
Finishing move:
The Leg Drop

2nd Place (83+87=170)
Jaeson Becker
Tim Boyer
Height: 5'10.5
Weight: 150lbs
Finishing move:
The people's elbow
Height: 5'9
Weight: 190lbs
Finishing move:
The Jackhammer

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Flight Information
Tickets purchased for:
Jaeson Becker
Tim Boyer
Jeff Small
Tim Spiegelglass
Depart: ST LOUIS MO TO DETROIT METRO MI ( Travel Time: 1 hrs 30 mins )
Date Flight Flight Information

Thu Jun 2 1085 Depart ST LOUIS MO (STL) at 09:00 AM
Arrive in DETROIT METRO MI (DTW) at 11:30 AM

Return: DETROIT METRO MI TO ST LOUIS MO ( Travel Time: 1 hrs 30 mins )
Date Flight Flight Information

Sun Jun 5 983 Depart DETROIT METRO MI (DTW) at 09:30 AM
Arrive in ST LOUIS MO (STL) at 10:00 AM


NMXII - Detroit/Windsor - June 4, 2011


The Nino Memorial has been a tradition in this league since 2000. This year's Nino Memorial will be held in Windsor, Ontario Canada at the Seven Lakes Championship Golf & Estates on Saturday, June 4, 2011. The Nino Memorial is opened to members of Nino's Fantasy Golf League as well as those that are interested in joining the league the following year.

For some background information on prior Nino Memorials, please click on this.

Stay tuned for more information about NMXII


Room Assignments
Room 1
Room 2
($208.46 for hotel per person)
($208.46 for hotel per person)
Tim Spiegelglass
Jaeson Becker
Jeff Small
Tim Boyer

Below is the tentative itinerary for NMXII
Thursday, June 2, 2011
09.00x: SWA: STL-DTW #1085 (Departs)
11.30x: SWA: STL-DTW #1085 (Lands)

13.30x: 18 Holes: TPC Michigan

One Nicklaus Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48120
(313) 436-3000

16.30x:Check-in to the
Holiday Inn Windsor Downtown

Hotel Front Desk: 1-519-2564656
Hotel Fax: 1-519-2569745

Directions from (DTW)
Distance: 9.32 MI/15.0 KM SOUTH WEST to Hotel

Take I-94 East to Tunnel to Canada Exit.
Exit Tunnel making left hand turn onto Park Street.
Turn left onto Ouellette Ave.
Hotel is directly on left hand side,
corner of Ouellette Ave and Park St.

17.30x: Cannonball tournament at pool
19.00x: Cleanup for dinner
19.45x: Leave for dinner
20.00x: Dinner at Keg Steakhouse

490 Division Road
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 6K7
(519) 969-3146

02.00x: Back to the hotel
02.45x: Hot Water Trick to Smailz
03.00x: Lights Out
03.10x: Magic Blanket On Eagleglass
Friday, June 3, 2011
07.00x: Wake-up and optional breakfast

08.00x: 1st 18 Holes @ Ambassador GC
14.00x: 2nd 18 Holes

1025 Sprucewood Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9J 3Z1

18:00-03:00 Free shuttle between hotel & Caesars
Saturday, June 4, 2011
07.30x: Wake-up and optional breakfast

08.30x: 18 Holes: Seven Lakes Championship GC

7200 Disputed Road
Windsor, ON
N9A 6Z6

08.45x: Driving Range
09.45x: Group photos
10.06x: .....Nino Memorial 12
19.00x: Rendezvous @ Hotel Lobby for Dinner
23.30x: Evening Program
02.00x: Free shuttle between hotel & Caesars
02.30x: Penthouse Forum readings by Toolman
  03.00x: Duct Tape Eagleglass to his bed  
03.30x: Ben Gay Preparations for Smailz's Jock
05.00x: Lights Out
Sunday, June 5, 2011
06.45x: Checkout
07.00x: Return Rental Cars
09.30x: DTW-STL 9:30-10:00 #983 (Departs)
10.00x: DTW-STL 9:30-10:00 #983 (Lands)


Nino Memorial XII Partners


Jaeson Becker


Tim Boyer


Tim Spiegelglass


Jeff Small

(Foursomes and Tee-Times are subject to change)


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