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Celebrating our 19th Season

There are 8 ways to earn money in this league.

1: Finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place overall in the league.
2: Finishing in 1st place of your Division.
3: Winning the most weeks in the league.
4: Winning the most points from the 4 official PGA Majors.
5: Winning the most points from the 3 WGC.
6: Winning the most points from the FedEx Cup Playoffs.
7: Winning the most points at the Ryder/Presidents Cup.
8: Coming in last place overall in the league (free membership).

There are 150 players to draft from. The draft list is in the order of last year's top 150 money winners. Prior to the start of the 2008 PGA season, you will choose a total of 40 PGA players to make up your team. There are 30 flights consisting of 3-5 PGA players per flight. You are to choose one player from each of the 30 flights. You also get 10 bonus players. Of the bonus players you draft, 6 of them come from the 30 flights, while 4 come from a list of just Bonus Players.
For "Flights 1-10" you will be allowed 1 EXTRA player.
For "Flights 11-20" you will be allowed 2 EXTRA players.
For "Flights 21-30" you will be allowed 3 EXTRA players.
From "Bonus Players" you will be drafting 4 EXTRA players.
The team you draft is the team you keep throughout the entire season. There are no trades, nor dumping of injured, or fallen off the wagon players.
The cost of this league is $37.55 online or $36.00 by check.  Both your money, and your draft list must be submitted to me by
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Each week, players earn fantasy points for finishing in the top 10 of each official PGA tournament. Some tournaments are worth more. Below is a list of how much each type of tournament is worth.

Regular Tournament

Fantasy Majors

Official PGA Majors









































If, for example, 3 players tie for 2nd place, all 3 players will receive the value of an uncontested 2nd place finish. That is to say, if Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Byron Nelson tie for 2nd, they each will receive 100 points. (Assuming it was just a regular tournament.)

Starting in 2004, after the conclusion of the British Open, we divided all the teams into 3-4 different divisions with each division winner winning $75.00. The divisions will be decided based on how your team is ranked after the conclusion of the British Open (7/19/09). That is to say, we take the top ten/eleven best teams, and put them in Division I and put the next ten/eleven best teams and put them in Division II and so forth. After the teams are divided into Divisions, we will reset the teams' scores back to zero, but only for the Division title. The Phil Cohen rule, if you will.

As of 2006, we have been awarding a prize to the person who wins the most weeks in the fantasy golf season. If there is a tie for the week, both players will be awarded "a win" for that week. Last year, the prize was $50.00

In 2007 we debuted a cash prize to the person who earns the most points from just the 4 PGA Majors, The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. The points earned from those tournaments will also be added to your season-to-date total.

In 2008 we debuted a FedExCup challenge of our own that does not affect the season-to-date standings, yet gives members of the league another chance to win money from these 4 tournaments alone.

For every player you have that qualifies and plays in The Barclays, you will earn 10 points.
For every player you have that qualifies and plays in Deutsche Bank Championship, you will earn 25 points.
For every player you have that qualifies and plays in BMW Championship, you will earn 50 points.
For every player you have that qualifies and plays in THE TOUR Championship, you will earn 100 points.

Also, those players that you have that finish in the top 10 for the FedExCup Championship will receive additional fantasy points.

FedExCup Top 10


1st 150
2nd 100
3rd 65
4th 40
5th 35
6th 30
7th 25
8th 20
9th 15
10th 10


Starting in 2009, we awarded a cash prize to the person who earns the most points at the 3 World Golf Championship (WGC) tournaments. These tournaments consist of, Accenture Match Play Championship, CA Championship and Bridgestone Invitational. The points earned from those tournaments will also be added to your season-to-date total.

Starting in 2010, we will award a cash prize to the person who earns the most points at the Ryder/Presidents Cup. The points earned from these tournaments will also be added to your season-to-date total.

..Fantasy Majors..

..Official PGA Majors..

World Golf Championships
(There are 3 each year)

PGA Championship


Masters Tournament

The Players Championship

British Open

Barclays Classic

US Open Championship

Deutsche Bank Championship


BMW Championship


The Tour Championship



..The Ryder Cup and The President's Cup..

These 2 tournaments are special. They are tournaments of not individual achievement, but of team play. Each tournament is every other year. This year is The Ryder Cup. Since this is a team event, there are special rules for receiving points. You will receive +100 points for every player you have on the winning Ryder/President's Cup team. By the same token, you will get -100 points for every player you have on the losing team. In the event both teams tie, the team that goes home with the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup will be awarded +100 points for each player. Likewise, the other team will earn -100 points per player.

For each round of either The Ryder Cup or The President's Cup that your fantasy players are in, they can receive or lose points, depending on how they finished that day.

Winning a round is +100 points per fantasy player.

Tying a round is +50 points per fantasy player.

Losing a round is -100 points per fantasy player.


..2015 FedEx Cup Schedule..

Mar 5 - 8 Puerto Rico Open
Mar 5 - 8 World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship
Mar 12 - 15 Valspar Championship
Mar 19 - 22 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard
Mar 26 - 29 Valero Texas Open
Apr 2 - 5 Shell Houston Open
Apr 9 - 12 Masters Tournament
Apr 16 - 19 RBC Heritage
Apr 23 - 26 Zurich Classic of New Orleans
Apr 29 - May 3 World Golf Championships-Cadillac Match Play
May 7 - 10 THE PLAYERS Championship
May 14 - 17 Wells Fargo Championship
May 21 - 24 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial
May 28 - 31 AT&T Byron Nelson Championship
Jun 4 - 7 the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide
Jun 11 - 14 FedEx St. Jude Classic
Jun 18 - 21 U.S. Open
Jun 25 - 28 Travelers Championship
Jun 29 - 30 CVS Caremark Charity Classic
Jul 2 - 5 The Greenbrier Classic
Jul 9 - 12 John Deere Classic
Jul 16 - 19 Barbasol Championship
Jul 16 - 19 The Open Championship
Jul 23 - 26 RBC Canadian Open
Jul 30 - Aug 2 Quicken Loans National
Aug 6 - 9 Barracuda Championship
Aug 6 - 9 World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational
Aug 13 - 16 PGA Championship
Aug 20 - 23 Wyndham Championship
Aug 27 - 30 The Barclays
Sep 4 - 7 Deutsche Bank Championship
Sep 10 - 13 Bye Week
Sep 17 - 20 BMW Championship
Sep 24 - 27 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola
Oct 1 - 4 Bye Week
Oct 8 - 11 The Presidents Cup


.....K E Y.....

Tournaments (1X).

Majors (2X)..

..WGC (2X)..


Majors (3X)..

.The Ryder Cup and
The President's Cup.

It is unclear how much 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will receive this year until everyone has signed-up and paid their dues. However, to give you an idea how much it could be, we can assume it is similar to what was awarded last season. Last year, 1st place received $400.00, a gold and platinum Folex watch, a trophy and "The Vito Cup". 2nd place received $100.00 and no trophy. 3rd place received $50.00 and no trophy. All of the Fantasy Golf League's dues went towards the referrals, cash prizes, and to the purchases of the Folex, trophies, and the shipping and handling. The winner's crown jewel, better known as "The Vito Cup", will be passed around, year to year, with each year's winner's name  engraved on it. That is to say, it's our version of the "Stanley Cup".
If the league has over 30 members this season, the person who comes in last place will automatically receive a free membership for the following season.  The Adam Schweizer award if you will. 

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The Hall Of Champs

2013 Champ

For 15 weeks straight, Adam "Just Say No" Mandel taught the league a lesson in dominance. There wasn't a week that he held the lead that his spot on the top of the leaderboard was in question. Everyone knew they were playing for 2nd. With this victory, Adam and his brother-in-law Eric "Short Arms" Swillinger become the first family of Fantasy Golf.

Adam Mandel
2014 Champ
2013 Champ

With his dominating performances at the WGC and the Ryder Cup, Jerry "Chuck Schick" White was able to hold off former Fantasy Golf champion Jeff Small on the final week of the season. Though Jerry was atop of the leaderboard the final 5 weeks of the season, his lead was hardly solid. Jerry ends the season $386.00 richer!

Another legend is born today as Eric Swillinger wins the Vito Cup in his rookie season. Besides winning the overall prize, he also finished in first in his Division, most PGA Major points and most World Golf Championship points. Eric's dominance netted him $420.00, an amount worthy for a guy who's team name was "Hemorrhoids"!!!

Jerry White
Eric Swillinger
2012 Champ
2011 Champ

On the final week of the season, Ryan Whitney shocked the world by winning the The Vito Cup by the slimmest margin (40 points) to date. Whitney skyrocketed up the leaderboard in the final 2 weeks alone by winning the FedEx Cup, Division II and by finishing 4th overall in the Ryder Cup. His 3 weekly wins were merely just a footnote in his incredible season.

By finishing in 4th place in the Presidents Cup, the final tournament of the year, Drew was able to win The Vito Cup by the slimmest margin in Fantasy Golf history (115 points). While capturing the title, Drew also walks away with the Division I title, and the Weekly Winner title by racking up 4 first place finishes.

Ryan Whitney
Drew Abney
2010 Champ
2009 Champ

Never spending a week in first place, rookie sensation Robert "Welshmen" Williams comes out of nowhere to win the coveted Vito Cup. Though he climbed steadily over the course of the year, his performance flew mostly under the radar. His victory is a result of strong finishes at both the Ryder Cup and the WGCs. But what put him over the top was his dominance at the FedExCup Playoffs.

It seemed like Doug Britt finishes every season in the top 5. Year after year his teams would fall apart in the final weeks of the season. That did not happen in 2009!!! By racking up 1750 points at the Presidents Cup, the final tournament of the season, Doug's long wait for fantasy gold is now a reality. No one saw it coming down the stretch. Going into the final week of the season he was in 4th place, and he was just hoping to finish the season in the money.

Robert Williams
Doug Britt
2008 Champ
2007 Champ

After a 5 year retirement, Jake Lampert has returned to the fantasy golf league with a vengeance!!! Though Jake had thoroughly dominated the league almost the entire season, he defiantly ran out of gas down the stretch, giving up his top spot for a few weeks in the final month of the season. Though he did respectable in the PGA Majors, Fantasy Majors and Ryder Cup, his dominance in the FedEx Cup Playoffs was the difference he needed to become our champion.

Michael Sherman hangs on to win The Vito Cup in his rookie season in this league. His team really dominated when it mattered most, by bettering everyone else at all 4 PGA Majors, and the 4 weeks of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. His team seemed invincible prior to Division play, but that almost proved untrue. Though he faltered greatly down the stretch, in the end we inherited a great fantasy golf champion. He must have known it, when he demanded to be published on Interviewed With Dusty.

Jake Lampert
Michael Sherman
2006 Champ
2005 Champ

Phil Gaitens and Irvin Harrell & are our 2nd, 2X, 2X, 2X champions!!! Phil and Irvin have won The Vito Cup in their 1st and 3rd season in this league. What's even more impressive is the fact that both years that they won the title, the field was over 30 people. They racked up 13,885 points, 1,245 points more than their closest competitor. That's a fantasy golf record for the largest margin of victory.

Andrew Zimmerman wins the 2005 season on the final week of the year. Though over the course of the year he had been in 1st place for numerous weeks, he hadn't been atop of the leaderboard for more than 8 weeks prior to the final day. He is also the first champion ever in this league to not have won his Division, an achievement near impossible to pull off.

Phil Gaitens
Andrew Zimmerman
2004 Champ
2003 Champ

Phil Gaitens and Irvin Harrell finished the 2004 season leading the league in its final 21 weeks. In doing so, they lead the league by the narrowest margin in fantasy golf history (170 points). They held the lead 4 times over the course of the season, 36/42 weeks total. Not only are they the 2004 Rookies of the Year, they are our 2004 Fantasy Golf Champions.

Dr. Jeff "The Smailz Kid" Small has been in this league since the beginning in 1997. Though he took off in 1998, he came back to have a strong finish in 1999 finishing in 3rd. In 2003 he became a champion. Smailz will take much pride in the fact that the year he finished in first place was the year his brother-in-law finished in dead last.

Phil Gaitens
Dr. Jeff Small
2002 Champ
2001 Champ

Josh Polsky shocked the world with his victory. Going into the season, the odds of him winning were 150:1. Josh's margin of victory was 205 points, the fewest in this league's history. Josh did somehow have the lead for 6 consecutive weeks and finished the season with 12,790 points!!!

Jon Oler proved to his critics that he is worthy of being the champ.  On the year he got married, "Olerud" ran the gauntlet while being in the lead for 31 consecutive weeks!!!

Josh Polsky
Jon Oler
2000 Champ
1999 Champ

Dimbert had  to make numerous calls to Reggie White for counsel. In the end, Dimbert won the league while breaking the league's single season point record with 16,265 points!!!

Eric Pankowski has proven to be the greatest Fantasy Golf Champion ever.  He lead the league for 37 consecutive weeks.  Eric's final score is a record, 10,165 points!!!

Seth Cohen
Eric Pankowski
1998 Champ
1997 Champ

Jay has proven to be a great champ... more importantly, Jay is the first 2X, 2X, 2X Fantasy Golf Champion.  Is this guy unstoppable?  3-peat?

In our inaugural year, Jay Fischbein captured the American dream...his only competition were Nino and Smailz!!!

Jay Fischbein
Jay Fischbein

Honorary Members

Vito Corleone

 Ben  Hogan

Byron Nelson

Sam Snead

Arnold Palmer

Jack Nicklaus

Payne Stewart